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The Amazing Process

What Is M-Sand ?

M-Sand or Manufactured sand is the modern and artificial substitution for natural river sand. It is produced by crushing the corresponding source material and made into a fine aggregate designed for the use with concrete in all type of constructions.The general procoess of the production involves crushing, filtering or screening and finally washing.

We Make It Like

Now lets discuss how we do it. The Manufactured sand can be produced in different ways with the facility of making it available to a plenty of construction sites. Unlike others, we provide double washed high quality sands. The readily available sand usage makes it much economical and pocket-friendly. In many scenarios, manufactured sand is produced with the help of a high end technology. In our case we use advanced german technology for achieving this. We reduce the particle size to get the desired properties of sand by forming an equidimensional shape during production. In the case of manufactured sand, all the processes are done in a controlled environment resulting in production of high-quality fine aggregates.

Tests Done

As we stated about the international standards we proide, we are continuously test our prodcut to ensure both of national and international standards of manufactured sand and the following are the quality tests done

  • Sieve analysis
  • Optical Microscopic Study to check the particle shape
  • Slump test that measures workability by slump cone method
  • Cube test for compressive strength
  • Tests for Silt and clay

  • Your Choice

    Our sand is best valued and worth for money also available in the required manner. the truancy of biological and integral parts that affects the setting time and properties of cement is making it a better choice over the river sand if one is looking to maintain the strength of concrete. contaminations Like clay, dust and silt coatings is helping manufactured sand with increased quality and durability of concrete.

    Technically manufactured sand must conform to the requirements of Zone-II as per IS 383-1970 and particles finer than 75 µm shall not exceed 15 %. Manufactured sand producers must put Special efforts such as washing of sand by water or dry washing by air in order to restrict particles finer than 75 µm to 15%. Following international norms and global trends will prove beneficial for the producer at the end of the day. As per the people who lead the construction sector such as – Civil engineers, Architects, Builders, and Contractors agree to the fact that the river sand, is lacking in many ways in comparison to manufactured sand. Presence of other impurities such as coal, bones, shells, mica and silt etc shortens the life of the concrete.

    So now you know how to choose it, we guarantee all the above benchmarks and make it right by choosing us.

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